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Calling birds of all Feathers! Welcome to our nest! The Wise Ol’ Owl invites you to perch on our stump, rest awhile, puff your chest and chirp your piece. We hope you come to consider our nest your home feeling free to comment on world affairs, politics, current events and happenings or on any subject that makes you want to rant or Hoot.

This Ol’ Owl is a news and political junkie. This affliction of mine began at an early age at my farm family’s kitchen table where world affairs and politics was the main ingredient of every day’s dessert. My life experiences include being a teacher, counselor, mayor, lobbyist, policy adviser, political strategist, community volunteer, business person, farmer, industrial safety trainer and most recently an educational and training adviser to a First Nation’s band. All this might make me believe I have a wealth of experience. However, upon reflection, I might just conclude that I couldn’t keep a job.

The Wise Ol’ Owl will be my sounding board on things that ruffle my feathers. I invite you to join me in making this forum a place for fun, reflection and “sober second thought”. Oh God! Should I have used that phrase? Doesn’t it invoke the specter of the Senate or give you pause to reflect on which of your nests to list on your tax return?

Follow us daily and become part of our flock.

Ol’ Owl

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